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Televisions are classified by tube size or the distance between opposite corners of the tube hence size is the best place to start.

Based on a general rule, you can divide the distance in inches between the television and your chair by four to get the minimum screen size. For example, if you sit 10 feet from the television, that would be 120 inches (12" x 10). If you divide 120 by 4, you get 30 inches.Getting a smaller television, you may find yourself missing details and even leaning forward to catch the action of your favorite shows.

How a television works

A National Television Standards Committee (NTSC) sets the standard for all televisions in the United States. Other countries use different standards, so NTSC standard televisions may not work in other countries.

Major differences in picture quality is one of the main reasons why some sets cost more than others.

Creating a good picture is the job of the TV chassis, or circuit board, and the TV picture tube. The chassis receives the incoming signal, from either a television broadcast, VCR or other source, cleans up the signal, and amplifies it. The picture tube then transforms the electrical signal into the TV picture that you see.

The overall picture quality depends on the clarity of the signal that is sent to the tube from the chassis as well as how accurately the tube can scan and display the picture. In short, both the tube and the electronics in the chassis help create a sharp image on TV.

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